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Why should you use a financial adviser?

5 ways your personal finances could benefit from professional advice

If you’re wondering whether you could benefit from seeking help from a financial adviser, the answer is almost certainly yes!

A qualified financial adviser can help guide you to identify your goals and understand your present position. They can work closely with you to determine how you might be able to achieve your goals and be smarter with the money you have – all within a realistic plan.

What’s more, you definitely don’t need to be wealthy to see a financial adviser. It’s about creating a structured financial plan to help you establish the lifestyle of your choosing, now and into the future.

Here are the five ways your finances and lifestyle could benefit from the help of a financial adviser.

1) Helping you create a financial plan

Do you have a plan that documents your journey towards achieving your goals and financial freedom?

If you haven’t, a financial adviser can help you to create a custom plan by listening to what you really want. They’ll help you:

  • Define and categorise your goals
  • Assess your income
  • Create a spending plan
  • Prepare for the unexpected
  • Identify your best course of action, and
  • Determine the resources you need to implement your plan.

With all that accomplished, you’ll have the plan you need to live your best life now and in the future.

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2) Helping to educate and motivate you

A good financial adviser will act as an educator and motivator who will empower you on your journey.

One important key to ensuring your money works smarter and not harder for you, is to take the emotion out of thinking about your money. A good financial adviser can help you to view your finances objectively.

Secondly, a quality financial adviser will make sure you completely understand why they suggest you take the recommended steps, and what remarkable benefits you can reap from their advice.

Once the guesswork is removed, you’ll be totally motivated and confident by seeing a clear path and knowing that you have an expert by your side, every step of the way. 

3) Helping you to be free from financial stress

No matter what happens in investment markets, your financial adviser will keep a close eye on your strategy, including your superannuation and investments. They’ll keep you informed of any changes that could affect your investments, whether from global unrest, natural disasters, legislation changes, or other events beyond your control.

You won’t need to constantly worry about your plan when you know it’s tailored for the long term. Your plan should be designed to withstand phases that come and go, be diversified to protect your interests, and incorporate a margin and protection for the unexpected.

With your personalised action plan in place and an expert at your side, you’ll find that you will be able to maintain your desired lifestyle and have comfort in knowing your goals are being met.

4) Helping you stay on track

Of course, even the best laid plans can sometimes come unstuck. We all know someone who never manages to stick to their New Year’s resolutions! 

Having a financial plan is no different. But with a good financial adviser on your side, you’ll know there’ll always be someone there to bring you back on course if you happen to veer off track.

Even when life’s inevitable changes and challenges come your way, having a tailored and flexible financial plan will mean you won’t lose sight of your end goals.

5) The earlier you seek qualified financial advice, the better off you will be

Starting your savings plan earlier will mean that interest compounds and earns you more in the long run. That means you’ll need to save less and have more time to enjoy yourself.

What’s more, having more years with a focused goal-based plan means you’ll have less unnecessary debt – and less risk of mistakes compared to trying to do it on your own.

You’ll also be setting a great example for your kids by teaching them how to save, how to organise their finances, and how to be financially secure and confident in later life.

Simply put, the earlier you seek qualified investment advice, the easier and quicker it will be for you to live the life you want now and into the future.

Meeting with a HM financial adviser

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