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How old were you when you set your first financial goal?

The importance of goal setting from a young age 

I was recently working with a great client of mine, delivering a series of workshops to accountants around the country. I gave copies of my book to the event organiser and their two children; one aged 14 and the other 10.

The 14 year old picked up his copy and started reading and writing in the book, as you are meant to do. And as my client started to read the book to his 10 year old, it prompted his young son to write his first ever goal!

Don't wait to get started "some day"

This really excited me, because I didn’t learn about goal setting until I was 23! I started to think… imagine if you knew how to set goals when you were 10 years old… what could you have achieved?

Do you have a son, daughter, niece or nephew, or even someone you mentor who could benefit from you showing them the art of setting a goal, and how to achieve it? What a life-changing gift that could be!

Who do you need to share your expertise about goal setting or life with?

Talk to Henderson Matusch for help with achieving your financial goals

At Henderson Matusch, we believe that goal setting is a vital step towards building a solid foundation for wealth creation

Get an idea of the things you need versus the things you want, and then write down your goals, so you are motivated to save and spend wisely. It's never too late to start planning what you want for your future.

To talk to a Henderson Matusch financial expert about your needs, simply call us on (07) 3229 3688 or fill out the simple contact form here.

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Posted by Henderson Matusch on Feb 18, 2017 3:17:38 PM

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